We were recently in Richmond park at the break of dawn, on a frozen and blustery spring day to capture a few stunning dresses by the very talented Rita Colson.
Here’s a few frames from our shoot….


Colson0001 Colson0002 Colson0003 Colson0004 Colson0005 Colson0006 Colson0007 Colson0008 Colson0009 Colson0010 Colson0011 Colson0012 Colson0013 Colson0014 Colson0015 Colson0016 Colson0017 Colson0018 Colson0019
Dresses and Design: Rita Colson Fashion
Model: Marissa Van Den Hoed
Flowers: Floris Van Den Hoed
Photography: Benjamin Wetherall